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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

With Christ, we grow in faith and understanding.


Catholic Life of the School



Weekly Mass continues to be the focus of our Liturgy in school, with children preparing and reading the Liturgy of the Word at each celebration. During Lenten Masses and in class liturgies the children  reflected on the nature of Lent as a time to repair and renew our relationship with God. During lessons, children in all phases deepened their understanding of Jesus’ teaching in this regard, reflecting on parables and other relevant scripture. During the Reconciliation Service Year 3 children received the Sacrament individually for the first time.

All children had the opportunity to meditate on the Stations of the Cross in church during Holy Week and Key Stage 2 children dramatised the events of Jesus’ Passion in daily assemblies. Holy Week spent in school allowed us time to thoroughly engage in Jesus’ journey from Palm Sunday, to His death and Resurrection on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

During May we received Rosary beads from Father Rob, so that all children could handle them when praying in class. The three Key Stage 1 classes took themselves outside on one sunny, May day to meditate on the first three Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. A table for each mystery with statues and pictures reminded us of these happy events in the life of Jesus and Mary. The stories were read aloud, after which the children prayed each decade.

May was also marked with the crowning of Our Lady’s statue lead by Year 5. Individual children from every class in the school brought forward flowers to present to Our Lady.

Sacramental Preparation:

Thursday the 26th February was the day for Year 6 to enjoy a visit from Bishop McGough and share with him their understanding of this sacrament. The confirmation itself was a very joyful occasion and the buffet afterwards was enjoyed by all. Many thanks are due, as always, to the Union of Catholic Mothers, who are so conscientious in their attention to the catering.

As mentioned above, Year 3 children have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. They have prepared thoroughly through prayer and during lessons with their teachers. All the meeting for parents of children preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion have been very well attended. The First Holy Communion Mass is now only hours away, and I am sure that our children are very excited at the prospect. May it be a joyous celebration and the beginning of a journey where their love of Jesus in the Eucharist grows ever deeper.



One of our favourite fundraising activities in school is now our ‘Big Share’ type event, one of which took place on Thursday 19th March. Children brought cakes and books to sell. Food from the Philippines, Kerala and Eritrea was enjoyed together with our Potteries oatcakes. Year 6 children added to the ambience with their singing and dancing. Well done and thank you to everyone. It was a lovely evening.

Final events in school:

We are hoping to offer children the opportunity to adore the Blessed Sacrament in school, soon after the feast of Corpus Christi.

July 3rd , the feast  of Saint Thomas the apostle,  is a very special day of celebration for our Keralan families. Mass will be celebrated in school near to this date and it is hoped that we will enjoy performances of Keralan music and dance afterwards.

Our last Mass of the year will be the leavers’ mass which is always a bitter-sweet occasion. At Mass we will, of course, ask Our Lord to support our Year 6 children in the new experiences and challenges ahead. We will also give thanks for all that they have given us during their time at Saint Teresa’s, as we look forward to a happy and restful summer holiday.