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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

With Christ, we grow in faith and understanding.



Parents and carers have a key role to play in their child’s education.

The academies will make every effort to encourage and make arrangements for parents and carers to contribute to creating a shared view of their child’s needs. 

At St Teresa's we aim to:

To ensure that effective communication and consultation takes place between the staff, parents and carers.

To ensure robust processes for consultation between the academies, parents, carers and students;

To make the academies as welcoming and inclusive as possible. Signage will be clear, informative and positive

All written and telephone enquiries will be dealt with promptly and parents and carers can expect an acknowledgement within 2 working days;

A variety of forms of communication with parents and carers for example, telephone contact, E-mail, post and text;

Parents and carers are contacted for positive as well as negative reasons;

Information is given to parents and carers on what students will be taught and tips for helping their child will be provided.

Parents and carers will be encouraged to help or support their child’s learning at school and at home.  

Parents and carers receive an annual report to provide information about their child’s progress in each subject.  In addition, parents and carers have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher twice a year, at parents evening. Parents and carers should contact the school if issues arise about their child’s progress or wellbeing.

The first point of contact should be the schools reception. We welcome the presence of any other adult a parent or carer wishes to invite to a school meeting for support or to act as an interpreter. We will endeavour to make any reasonable adjustments that may be necessary to enable a parent or carer with a disability to participate