After School Clubs


 During the Autumn term we shall be offering a range of After School Clubs.  The clubs will run for a whole term, so if your child gets a place in Street Dance this will run from September through to December.   A timetable displaying all of the clubs is attached, I advise you to discuss this with your child, all clubs are put into place to develop your child’s skills in areas outside of the curriculum, please do not take up a place of another child if there is not 100% commitment.


As we are now a cashless school, all clubs that require a payment will need to be paid online via parent pay. Parent pay will be set up so that there is a maximum number for each club and there will be a deadline for the money to be paid. Money received after the date will not be accepted. As the payment is online, it is a first come, first serve basis until the club is full so please pay online immediately, do NOT wait until the usual text to go out before trying to proceed with a payment. Please note, no refunds will be given once the payment has been processed.


We will still require the attached sign up form regardless of whether you have paid online as we have to keep your child safe and need to know who is still in school after 3.15pm. The usual lists detailing which children are in which club will be displayed on the lower KS2 window near to Miss Richardson’s classroom and a text will also go out to confirm the places. If you do not receive a text your child has not been successful in getting a place.


All letters are sent out to all classes on the same day and all reply slips need to be returned as soon as possible. Text messages will then be sent out during the last week of term and the lists will be displayed during this time. Please just be aware that Staff do run clubs in their own time so children do need to be picked up on time.

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