Music lessons follow the National Curriculum elements of listening, appraising, creating/composing and performing, plus work on reading music notation and tonic sol fah. Where possible, songs/history of music choices are linked to the topics being studied in class where possible, so for example the Y5/6s did a topic on Holst - The Planets to link with their space topic and sang David Bowie's 'Ground Control to Major Tom' This year they studied Victorian instruments and Music Hall to link with their Victorians. The Y3/4 did Egyptian themed music and performed in minor keys to capture the Egyptian sounds last term. This term Y3/4s are using food themed rhythm cards to play and perform rhythms using tuned and untuned percussion, in pairs and groups and will be singing e.g. 'Food Glorious Food' and creating food themed raps and verses to link with their food topic. Y1/2s are learning water themed songs this term and using the drink names to learn basic notation. 
Assessments are done within lessons by the children checking other children by listening to see if correct rhythms are played and by end of topic performances appraising other groups and also using themed worksheets to create rhythm shapes and lyrics. I have put some class performances online but will try to film more of these this year. There are no formal teacher assessments but some check sheets are made available to class teachers for end of topic history of music knowledge and notation assessment and children can see level descriptions of musical progression to see how they are progressing skill wise.